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Graham Dechter Quartet w/ Jeff Hamilton, John Clayton & Tamir Hendelman w/ Josh Nelson, Carmen Bradford, Sara Gazarek, Kevin Kanner and Ben Williams w/ Atsuko Hashimoto and Jeff Hamilton w/ Michael Buble in Berlin Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra w/ Bill Cunliffe, Claudio Roditi, John Belzaguy and Jeff Hamilton Teaching a masterclass in Edmonds, WA At Jazz Port Townsend w/ Larry Goldings and Jeff Hamilton w/ CHJO in Hagi, Japan amongst adoring fans w/ Joe LaBarbera, Houston Person and Tony Monaco In Idyllwild w/ Marshall Hawkins, Casey Abrams, Nathan Ellman-Bell, Paul Carman and Jeffrey Stein Jam session in Osaka, Japan w/ Clay Jenkins, Atsuko Hashimoto and Anthony Stein (not pictured) In the studio w/ John Clayton, Tamir Hendelman and Jeff Hamilton Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival w/ Justin Brown, Obed Calvaire, Ryan Porter, Joe Sanders, Ben Williams, Gerald Clayton, Kevin Kanner, John Clayton, Alex Hoffman, Tim Green and Josh Nelson John Pizzarelli holding court after hours in Cordoba, Spain w/Jeff Hamilton and Bijon Watson Right On Time group photo at Capitol Studio A<br>w/ John Clayton, Jeff 
Hamilton, Tamir Hendelman and GD GD recording w/ Tamir Hendelman, Jeff Hamilton and John Clayton (off 
camera) Rehearsing at the Kennedy Center w/ CHJO and the legendary Jimmy Heath 
(left) w/ Frank Wess (L-R) Llew Matthews, Tamir Hendelman, Billy Taylor and GD Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival 2009 w/ James Moody  w/ Benny Green GD rehearsing w/ Clayton Cameron, Paul Keller, Benny Green and 
Joe Locke (L-R) Russell Malone, Jeff Hamilton and GD GD at Newport Beach Jazz Party w/ (L-R) Harry Allen, Jeff Hamilton, Tamir Hendelman and John Clayton w/ Jeff Hamilton Guitar Night w/ John Pisano, Sam Minaie and Kevin Kanner (Photo by Bob 
Barry) Port Townsend w/ guitarists Bruce Forman and Dan Balmer 'Knight's of the Cracked Goblet' hang in Pasadena with (L-R) Anthony 
Stein, Keith Fiddmont,<br>Bijon Watson, GD, Ira Nepus, Jeff Hamilton, Christoph Luty, Lee Callet and John Clayton Oscar Peterson Tribute w/ (L-R) Will Snyder, Jeremy Siskind and